Wool Carpets

An a 80/20 wool mix twist is undoubtedly the most traditional choice of carpet for a living room, with unrivalled appearance retention, due to wools natural characteristics of bouncing back, and a huge choice of colours from respected UK manufacturers such as Brockway, Penthouse, Cavalier and Hugh MacKay to name a few, a good wool twist is hard to beat.

Polypropylene Carpets

Few carpet fibres can offer such great value for money as Polypropylene. Although it doesn't have the natural "bounce back" of wool,  this durable and very cleanable fibre is ideal for the price conscious or those with a young family where its clean ability trumps other carpet types. Some manufacturers have engineered twin ply fibres which have greater longevity and mean a Polypropylene carpet needn't be an inferior choice to wool.


Whether you choose carpet or hardfloor underneath an area rug can be the centre piece that ties your design themes together or boldly stands our as a focal point in your living room, with modern, traditional and designs which are a fusion of both we always have a good choice of rugs available.

Engineered Wood

No one can deny the sheer beauty of a real wood floor with all its character, depth and warmth. Wood can be stained, scraped, smoked and oiled to achieve more finishes than most people would imagine. With samples on display from Parador and other leading brands you are bound to find a wood flooring to complement your room.


LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tile) has for a while been a growing market in the UK, these tough, hygienic and simple to maintain floors can look very much like the stone or wooden natural fibres they mimic. LVT makes a warm, durable and modern choice for your living room.

Laminate Flooring

Affordable and durable laminate flooring is a great choice. With a select range of stylish laminates from Parador, one of Europe's leaders in laminate trends, on display, you are bound to find a laminate flooring at Mascalls to transform living room.